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Outside General Counsel Program

Outside General Counsel Program

GarbiaPlocki, LLP offers its Outside General Counsel Program to local companies large enough to need consistent legal advice, but that may not yet require a full-time general counsel.  We provide leg


Sam S. Garbia, Partner

Sam S. Garbia, Partner

Email: ssg@garbialaw.com GarbiaPlocki, LLP, Fairfax, VA | June, 2003 – Present
Partner Co-founder and managing partner of GarbiaPlocki, LLP. Direct the f...
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Our practice areas include the Outside General Counsel Program, and Cyber-Security and e-Discovery Programs to help our business clients identify and manage risk.

GarbiaPlocki, LLP is a law firm of dedicated professionals specializing in helping businesses grow. We offer corporate development, governance, and policy planning and implementation services to help companies build for the future, and commercial litigation services to protect that growth. Our lawyers are licensed in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.