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Outside General Counsel Program

GarbiaPlocki, LLP offers its Outside General Counsel Program to local companies large enough to need consistent legal advice, but that may not yet require a full-time general counsel.  We provide legal counsel, and help companies draft, implement, and manage the corporate governance policies that will help them grow and compete in a rigorous market. All successful companies are well structured.  Long term stability requires organization, efficiency, and preparation.  The policies and procedures that make large companies powerful are every bit as necessary to the growing company because they reflect time-tested business principals.

We will design a program that best suits your business operations and objectives.  Our services include:

  • Drafting and reviewing corporate policies, such as document retention, non-disclosure, non-compete, or drug and alcohol testing policies;
  • Drafting employee manuals and employment agreements;
  • Drafting corporate governance documents, such as by-laws, operating agreements, and resolutions, and helping companies maintain proper corporate records;
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial contracts;
  • Drafting or revising form agreements;
  • Providing assistance with legal and regulatory requirements affecting the company;
  • Providing legal advice to company executives and management regarding proposed company actions and long term strategy planning; and
  • Managing pre-litigation dispute activities.  We focus on steering companies to avoid litigation, but recognize litigation is sometimes necessary.  We will help you identify issues before they become expensive problems.  Avoiding a single law suit, for example, can produce huge savings. GarbiaPlocki, LLP also has an experienced litigation staff should the need arise.

“Don’t get so busy running your business that you forget to properly run your business.”

When was the last time you reviewed or revised your bylaws?  Is your corporate book current with meeting minutes and resolutions covering significant changes to your company over the last year?

Many developing companies are simply too busy actually operating their business to focus on infrastructure and administrative policies.  In fact, many companies do not focus on such issues until they are forced to review and produce those policies in an audit or litigation context.

Our firm has the time, experience, and knowledge to develop your corporate governance policies, manage those policies over time, and anticipate, avoid or manage litigation as needed.  Our attorneys spent the last 10 years developing expertise in business formation and commercial transactions, corporate governance, commercial litigation, and immigration and naturalization law.  We trained at some of the biggest law firms in the Washington D.C. area.  Our business model is simple: we deliver traditional big-firm work product at traditional small-firm prices.

We also believe that investing now saves money in the future.  Consider the following:

  • The costs incurred by not having employee manuals, document retention policies, or employment agreements can be far higher in a litigation context than the cost of drafting and enforcing those policies now.
  • Having a properly organized company also helps you regulate operations on a consistent basis, and thus focus on your business, rather than dealing with emergencies on an ad-hoc basis, or spending needless hours wondering “what if?”
  • Adopting good corporate governance policies fosters growth.  Once you have established a solid foundation, your company can grow as fast and far as you are willing to take it.  And, establishing good corporate governance is extremely attractive to potential investors, partners, and merger targets.
  • Having legal counsel who knows your company, its personnel, and its objectives ensures that you receive legal advice aimed at securing those objectives, rather than an outsider who makes decisions in a vacuum.

So what can we do for you? GarbiaPlocki, LLP offers its Outside General Counsel to provide a more constant legal presence in support of your day-to-day operations.  We can work remotely or on-site depending on your needs.  During that time, one of our lawyer will be available to provide advice as issues arise during your normal course of business, answer questions from your employees, and work on new initiatives and long-term corporate governance projects.  The purpose of the on-site program is to get to know your company quickly and thoroughly, and to advise you immediately on legal developments affecting your business.

Whether your plans involve long term growth or a planned exit strategy, your company needs organization, efficiency, and preparation.  We believe legal counsel is essential to growing companies, but that they should not be forced to incur the hefty fees charged by big firms, or take on another full-time salary until their company growth warrants that need.  We are here to fill that middle ground and help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Our Outside General Counsel Program now includes cyber-security, e-discovery, privacy compliance, and critical system infrastructure expertise.  We can manage electronic and forensic discovery projects, perform cyber-threat analysis and detection projects, review and implement e-discovery and privacy initiatives, manage e-discovery projects, and manage cyber-threat analysis and investigations with no need to seek additional outside vendors.

The following shows a few examples of the services we now offer our clients:

  • Manage and implement electronic discovery initiatives and case-specific projects.
  • Respond to subpoenas, federal inquiries and requests for production.
  • Forensically recover deleted, missing or corrupted client data.
  • Perform on-site data identification and collection.
  • Develop custom SQL database and modeling and reporting tools to review and manage large-record productions, and  analyze    for production lapses and anomalies
  • Create and manage evidence handling and tracking systems.
  • Manage litigation technology for case review.
  • Provide advice and implementation on data preservation, harvesting, processing and review.
  • Administer large scale threat detection databases and related information streams.
  • Administer Cloud-based analysis systems.
  • Advise companies on data-protection and privacy factors, and implement appropriate solutions (hardware and  software).
  • Conduct internal investigations, collect, analyze, and report on computer, PDA and mobile device usage and data  flow.
  • Provide encryption and data security advice and implementation for nation and international transfers.
  • Expertise in Encase, Forensic Toolkit, Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, Introspect, IPRO, OutIndex E-Discovery,  Law   5.0, Trident Wave, and Clearwell.
  • Database expertise managing SQL Servers Oracle 11g, Oracle Data Miner, MySQL, SAS, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, and  Lotus   Domino Server.
  • Security & Encryption expertise using PGP, TrueCrypt, NMAP, SNORT, NetWitness, HBGary Responder, GFI Sandbox, I2  Analyst   Notebook, and WireShark.

We welcome the opportunity to meet you, get to know your company, and help design and implement an Outside General Counsel program to suit your needs.

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Our practice areas include the Outside General Counsel Program, and Cyber-Security and e-Discovery Programs to help our business clients identify and manage risk.

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