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Cyber-Security and e-Discovery Program

GarbiaPlocki, LLP is pleased to announce it has added cyber-security, e-discovery, privacy compliance, and critical system infrastructure expertise to its Outside General Counsel Program.  Our expert, an active TS/SCI-cleared analyst, brings years of experience managing electronic and forensic discovery projects for major law firms across the country.  He also has served the Department of State performing cyber-threat analysis and detection projects.  Whether your company requires an overview of its current infrastructure and security status, needs to manage e-discovery projects, is required to meet HIPPA or other privacy standards, or just needs to understand whether it needs any of these, GarbiaPlocki is prepared to offer that expertise with no need to seek additional outside vendors.

Our Outside General Counsel clients are already benefiting from this practice.  Your company can as well, whether as part of our program, or independently on case-specific issues.  Our unique partnership with our expert allows us to offer these services at very competitive rates.  We pride ourselves on offering the excellent-quality legal services you would expect from a traditional big firm, but without traditional big-firm pricing.  Our new cyber and e-discovery services are no exception.

The following shows a few examples of the services we now offer our clients:

  • Manage and implement electronic discovery initiatives and case-specific projects.
  • Respond to subpoenas, federal inquiries and requests for production.
  • Forensically recover deleted, missing or corrupted client data.
  • Perform on-site data identification and collection.
  • Develop custom SQL database and modeling and reporting tools to review and manage large-record productions, and  analyze    for production lapses and anomalies
  • Create and manage evidence handling and tracking systems.
  • Manage litigation technology for case review.
  • Provide advice and implementation on data preservation, harvesting, processing and review.
  • Administer large scale threat detection databases and related information streams.
  • Administer Cloud-based analysis systems.
  • Advise companies on data-protection and privacy factors, and implement appropriate solutions (hardware and  software).
  • Conduct internal investigations, collect, analyze, and report on computer, PDA and mobile device usage and data  flow.
  • Provide encryption and data security advice and implementation for nation and international transfers.
  • Expertise in Encase, Forensic Toolkit, Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, Introspect, IPRO, OutIndex E-Discovery,  Law   5.0, Trident Wave, and Clearwell.
  • Database expertise managing SQL Servers Oracle 11g, Oracle Data Miner, MySQL, SAS, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, and  Lotus Domino Server.
  • Security & Encryption expertise using PGP, TrueCrypt, NMAP, SNORT, NetWitness, HBGary Responder, GFI Sandbox, I2  Analyst Notebook, and WireShark.

Cyber-Security and e-Discovery Practice Team

  • Douglas E. Plocki, Esq., Partner
  • Sam S. Garbia, Esq., Partner



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Our practice areas include the Outside General Counsel Program, and Cyber-Security and e-Discovery Programs to help our business clients identify and manage risk.

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